Tevet Sela

Overwhelming sounds of sax

Tevet Sela, a composer and sax virtuoso who started his professional musical career while he was in his teens, today is highly praised not only in Israel, but also outside the country. Tevet Sela is a much sought in international jazz festivals and his debut album was nominated for the 'jazz album of the year' and the 'jazz composition of the year' awards at the JPF Music Awards 2006.Tevet represented Israel in an international UNICEF benefit concert which was broadcasted to 35 countries and his music is frequently played by radio stations around the world. T. Sela will appear on the stage of the festival with a bassist from the US Hudson Knott, and with the Lithuanian musicians Leonardas Bėkša (keyboards), Kaspar Petkus (percussion), Karolis Žioltikovas (guitar).