Seminar “Music Heals”

The Magic of Music

Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival invites to a unique, free music therapy seminar "Music Heals". This is an event for everyone who seeks to overcome their internal or even external barriers and discover music as a way to preserve their inner peace and the joy of life. People with physical disabilities are especially welcome, as we believe that music does miracles! During the seminar, the jazz festival team, together with the actress Eglė Jackaitė will prove that not only music but also poetry does miracles.

The third time in a row “Music Heals” seminar is hosted by a music teacher, an experienced music therapy specialist Linas Švirinas and his ensemble “The Joy of Music” uniting hearing impaired Klaipeda musicians.

"This music group is a unique, new phenomenon. It looks like it is the first one in Lithuania and probably one of the few in the world, says L. Švirinas. We constantly rehearse together with the hearing impaired musicians and strive our best to help the musicians to enjoy their ability to perform and cheer up not only the members of their group, but also other listeners. It's really unbelievably sensitive, true dedication and belief that the joy of music can break down all the stereotypes. Although the ensemble is still very new, it has already successfully debuted at the Mother's Day charity concert" In the footstep of the Queen of Hope" in Klaipėda Drama Theater.
A young singer, Jakaterina Kosmakova, will also try to show in the seminar that music can make the world and everyone’s life more beautiful, richer and generous as this is what her efforts illustrate.

The participants of the seminar “Music Heals” will also hear and enjoy a song created and performed by mentally disabled adults from Klaipeda social service center “Dane”.

"In the lyrics of their song they put together everything what's most important to them in music, what music gives to them and what they feel when they listen to music. As they say, music brings peace, relaxation, joy, helps to get away from everyday worries, also music helps them overcome fears, regain their own harmony, it helps to feel lightness and rely more on their own strengths. During the special classes at Danė Center, the disabled get acquainted with the power of music by listening, playing, singing and creating themselves. By the way, many of them have been creating music for the first time, thus they are very proud and impatient to share their result with others, "- explains L. Švirinas

The third seminar “Music Heals” will also invite its participants to listen to the poetry of most famous Lithuanian and foreign poets recited by a well-known actress Eglė Jackaitė. The listeners will hear extracts from Egle’s poetry evening “The Jazz of Feelings”.

"I have no doubts that music heals. However, I also believe poetry does the same, especially since it conveys true human experiences, feelings and emotions. There are so many wounded hearts in today’s world, and I strongly believe that emotional verses can help us at least briefly stop and look at ourselves again, discover a new passion for life and the ability to enjoy every day and everyday miracles that are given to us. And I believe in the power of poetry, as many times during my poetry evenings “The Jazz of Feelings” I saw deeply moved people, their feelings and emotions erupting, "says actress E. Jackaite.

Tunisian Nabil Khemir, another exclusive performer of the Klaipeda Castle Jazz festival, is planning to participate in the seminar “Music Heals”. Captivated by the enchanting sounds of North African music, Nabil Khemir started playing music in his early childhood after receiving a musical lute on his birthday. Quickly Nabil continued to practice and learn on his own and listening to jazz legends, thus searching for his own musical style. In 2004, Nabil decided to create a hybrid instrument RayJam which would allow him to share his true musical voice and vision that he was hearing deep within his soul.

Seminar's "Music Heals" date and time: 12.00 (Friday), 8th June

Venue: St. Francis Cancer Support Center, Savanorių st. 4
Seminar is FREE!!!

Project is presented by "Anteja", a medical laboratory with the most modern medical research centre in the Baltic states. They are doing up to 500 blood and other types of medical research. There are 32 "Antėja" centres in Lithuania, 5 of them in Klaipeda.

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