Nik West

Tameless star

Tameless music star from US Nik West on stage of Klaipeda Jazz Festival

XXIV Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival proudly presents Nik West - a bassist/vocalist and “funk groove” music star from US, one of the most impressive performers appearing on stage of the festival the first weekend of summer.

“Explosive stage presence isn't enough to describe this extraordinary energetic, charismatic, stylish and talented artist. The credits of 29 year- old popular bassist, singer, and songwriter Nik West include work with such artists as Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer and Prince, special guest appearances on American Idol, numerous photos on magazine covers and prestigious awards. In 2018 her single “Purple Unicorn” has been awarded in Annual Independent Music Awards in US”, says Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

Nik West was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in a musician family. Her father taught her how to play the rhythm guitar and was her first music teacher. West’s sisters and an older brother were her first band and singing act. Although West’s father taught her and her siblings how to sing at a young age she has always considered herself more of a bassist than a singer. Nik was advised by the producer together with whom she was training, to use also her vocal skills as he was sure she had a wonderful voice and needed to sing. So much so that she intended for her debut album— Just in the Nik of Time —to be an instrumental project also singled out her exceptional skills as a bassist and strong vocalist.

While working on her first album “Just In The Nik of Time”, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics also became acquainted with West’s work, reached out to her to work with him on several projects. Since then, Nik has accompanied and jammed with a few well-known artists, and started her road to success.

Noted music journal Billboard sums West’s incredible talent up saying “Nik West is one 21st Century artist who isn’t lacking in the chops department”. And Dave Stewart from Eurythmics said about her that she’s “Lenny Kravitz’s feminine side”.

Indeed, Nik West attracts not only with her stunning scenic image and professionalism in music, but also with her radiant charisma and unceasing energy that will charge all the music lovers of the festival. Undoubtedly, the tameless Nik West will instantly charm the audience of Klaipeda with her joyous mood. No surprise, she was the one who inspired Algis Kriksciunas to picture her on the symbol of 24th Klaipeda Jazz Festival.