Nabil Khemir

Inventor of Rayjam

Tunisian Nabil Khemir is another exclusive guest of the festival, inviting not only to get acquainted with his unique blend of Arabic and Western jazz music styles, but also with the sounds of an exclusive musical instrument he invented: the blending of guitar and lute on a single medium, called Rayjam. Captivated by the enchanting sounds of North African music, Nabil Khemir started playing music in his early childhood after receiving a musical lute on his birthday. Quickly Nabil continued to practice and learn on his own and listening to jazz legends, he began the search of his own musical style. In 2004, Nabil decided to create a hybrid instrument RayJam which would allow him to share his true musical voice and vision that he was hearing deep within his soul. In Klaipeda, N. Khemir will appear together with the united band of musicians from Lithuanian and Portugal “Raimondas Dauginas Exotic Band".