Havana Libre

Exotic Cubans

Havana Libre – an exotic Cuban music band will perform on the stage of Klaipeda Jazz festival on June 7-9.

Traditionally, the festival invites its listeners to enjoy not only the performances of the world's most famous music stars, but also introduces our audience to jazz and world music performers from the less known or exotic countries. Among them, this year - Havana Libre, a music band, performances of which are traditional Cuban kind with overtones from other countries’ (such as Spain, Portugal, Latin America; Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Colombia) old school music. In their repertoire you will hear well-known Latin American songs, performed by Havan Libre's quintet sound completely new, as if from another dimension", says Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

Havana Libre, which was founded in Havana in 2015, brought together the most prominent and acclaimed performers in Cuba. One of them is percussionist Roberto Smith Izquierdo (Capitan), who began his professional musical career in 1990, when he joined Lázaro García, the founder of Nueva Trova Cubana musical movement. Later in Havana he worked with the “Médico de la Salsa” band. Along with several members of "Buena Vista Social Club” participated in recording of several “Médico de la Salsa” band albums. Roberto is endorser of world drums and percussion brands like SABIAN, LP and GON BOPS.

The leading vocalist of the group is a singer with an exceptional timbre and temperament Yunierkys Goris Maldonado, who has already been able to leave her track in three-time Grammy-nominated Afro-Caribbean music group Tiempo Libre. Later she joined Cuba's famous cabaret band “Copa Room”. Yuni with other national singers is regularly invited to sing at Cuba's annual celebration of the composer Juan Arrondo.

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