Gunhild Carling

One-Woman Band

Swedish musical sensation Gunhild Carling, an internationally acclaimed superstar is one of the most prominent guests in the festival's program this year. This extraordinary vocalist is also a true "one – woman band”, famous for playing one of many instruments (trumpet, trombone, harmonica, oboe, harp, flute, piano, recorder, or jazz bagpipe!). What is more, G. Carling surprises her fans by her unique talent to play three trumpets at the same time.

“As soon as Gunhild Carling appears in Cruise Ship Terminal on the stage of the festival, a “jazz tornado” will hit Klaipeda with its stylish, unpredictable, stunning force taking all jazz lovers into its whirlpool”, says Inga Grubliauskienė, the president of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival. Not surprisingly, one-of-a-kind performances of the Swedish music icon and national musical superhero Gunhild Carling's often become a memorable, compelling, enthusiastic and positive emotional sensation.”

Born in Gothenburg Sweden Gunhild Carling never went to music school. However, coming from a musical family she started playing and performing at the age of 7.

Today the Swedish music icon is very well known by music listeners in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. She is also the winner of numerous awards and scholarships (Louis Armstrong Scholarships, Kobe Jazz Street Award, Swedish Songwriters, Composers and Authors Scholarships, Thore Ehriling Scholarships, etc.).

Over the years, with her unique performances, enriched with the elements of theater, vaudeville and dance, the performer and multi-instrumentalist G. Carling has visited hundreds of concert halls and enslaved the hearts of thousands of music fans. By the way, G. Carling has repeatedly performed for members of the Swedish Royal family.

Indeed, it is difficult to describe the music of performances of this Swedish sensation. She is stylish, breathtaking and engaging, but at the same time, open and sincere with the audience, full of surprises and unexpected surprises - whether we are talking about delivering her talent through different musical instruments, or about her ability to play three trumpets at once, or the novelty element that has not been seen yet.

Gunhild Carling will perform accompanied by her music band on the stage of Klaipeda Jazz Festival.