Furat Qaddouri

The magic of Arabian Nights

XXIV Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, June 7-9, traditionally offers to its audience a variety of different music styles and unique jazz and world music performances. However, this year the festival also stands out for its exceptional program with a large group of musicians from exotic, far- away countries such as Iraq, Cuba, Tunisia, Israel, etc.

The festival team introduces one of its exotic guests Furat Qaddouri, an Iraqi qanoon virtuoso. The united performance of Furat Qaddouri and his accompanying musicians from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon will invite you to enjoy the true romance of Arabian Nights.

F. Qaddour has already visited many festivals in the Middle East and Europe, and in Klaipeda he will appear with the program "Baghdadi Jazz", a collection of melodies, the blend of Arabic music and jazz that speak the love stories about the beauty of a Baghdad goddess featuring mysterious delusions and magic of Arabian nights. On the stage of the festival, F. Qaddouri and his band will perform together with Klaipeda Jazz Orchestra.

Furat, born in Bagdad, Iraq, chose his music career not accidentally. Born in a family of musicians and greatly inspired by the legendry oud player, the late Munir Bachir, Furat started learning playing qanoon at an early age in a music school.

During the many years of his musical career, he not only perfected his ability to play the qanoon, but also blending the traditional sounds of the Qanoon with Jazz and other musical styles, created his own distinctive musical style bringing the listeners unheard sound palette of vibrant musical moves.

On the stage of the festival, F. Qaddouri and his band will perform together with Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra. Two decades ago young and enthusiastic performers came together to create a Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra driven by an idea of serving classical music and a goal to strive and create a tradition of academic performance. The orchestra, directed by Mindaugas Bačkus, has kept true to its mission till today.

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra plays various music styles for people of different ages, tastes and needs. The mastery, creative energy, and aspiration of the orchestra surprise the audience with unexpected experiments as well as interesting interpretations of classical and contemporary composers.

Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra: